This page shows the layout of Arias & how it's navigated - Each area has its own hardships & dangers, that effects how people act & the general difficulty.

The layout Of AriasEdit

A circular land mass that is surrounded by ocean & having miniature islands on the eastern side of the continent… Each section [Northern, Southern, Eastern, Western ] is seperated by mountains & ravines that make traveling between each area impassible except for going into the forbidden catacombs in-between each sector, which involves a lot of danger, or by going through the central region that is the central point of the island, a circular area of stability & order.

Each section has its own unique features and characteristics that make them unique & dangers that make the difficult to live in. For instance the northern region has year round snowfall & arctic temperatures causing the animals to be vicious & the habitat to be dangerous.

Forbidden Catacombs lay claim & rule to the mountains of the world, there being four mountains in the world that divide the sections, making the only passable passage to the other regions, through the central region or the catacombs hidden below. Each Forbidden Catacomb was named after one of the Ancient God's, that brought the world ago a thousand years ago and each city has multiple entrances to each sector that it connects.

Tempora-Tallum: The City of The Far Reach, inbetween the North and the East was the "City of Prospect". A city that inherited vast riches from the rock's & gemstones. Tempora-Tallum was the god of prosperity & riches, a man of greed.

Solaris-Vane: The City Of Bright Shadows, inbetween the South and the East ws the "City of Self Sacrifice". A city that held high judge over its citizens & known as a tyrant city, Solaris-Vane was the ruler of Anquish & discord -- Known to many as hell.

Tidarus-Maximus: The City Of Bold Strength, inbetween North and the West was the "City of Strength". A city that focused on military strength and pwer, it held multiple arena's in its time -- As the city also had a standing system, where how well you ranked in the arena of glory was where you were placed. Tidarus-Maximus was the deity of War & Power.

Harmonium-Harmonic: The City of Endless Bliss, inbetween Soth and west was the "City of Harmony". A city that was always peaceful & kept to itself, the city was founded to oppose the others, that had there defects -- Harmonium-Harmonic is the goddess of peace & love, caring for anything in her reach.

Detail: “Setup to be able to allow an easy and effective way to travel between each area effectively & in a time efficient manner – The people of the old world, created giant cities under the mountains that ran deep & far below the surface – These cities were massive & held strong against the “Warlords of Time” for centuries. Now inhabited by the creature of the netherworld & the unlawful & unjust, this has made passage dangerous & harsh. However not all is lost, as bastions of the “Sanctum of Light” have been formed & created in an effort to create a world of neutrality in these parts. 

Individual Area'sEdit

North: Snow covered & mountainous, the north region is a desolate place where only the strong survive – Always frozen with glaciers & snowing. The land itself is often one of more rigid & hostile areas in the world – As anything can kill you & adventurers often freeze to the frozen tundra. The guards of the north "The Scar Vanguard" patrol its road & assist others in their way, native's of the north are often hostile & quick to temper, making this region a powder keg ready to blow.

Capital City: "Ascarium *Pinnacle Point*: The village is left widely open as if being a tribal camp with ramps that connect various parts of the city & circular dome towers that overlook vast mountain visuals. The buildings are kept together with wood & glacial stone.

Other Area's Of Note:

"Icicle Temple: "Located on the top of the tallest mountain in the north, "Zellithina", the Icicle Temple is a closed off temple that many people know nothing about, it is rumored though that a cult of Ice magic users reside within, training there own to use it succesfully & freezing all trespessers, creating the glacier statues outside as warnings to others daring enough to enter."

Hostile Threat: "Up in the high peaks of the north, reside many yeti's & snow tribes native to the parts -- One in particular, being the snow-goblins of "Winterheights", that all though primitive, defend its boarders fiercly. While in the areas below, snow leaperds & other wildlife make the world there domain.


South: Mountains & huge gorge’s, taking on the features of western – The rocks are red & the scene is barren – The gorge’s form into huge valley’s that are overlooked by mountains… In the center of the southern region is a line that runs along the center known as the “Pandemonium Line” which holds multiple soldiers & encampments, and the mountains in the distance have strongholds and citadels – The opposite side of the line is a barren wasteland filled with bones and trenches of the fallen… On the other side that expands into the southern region, The Kingdom of Adel has been taken over by an unknown and dark power – As no one has heard word from the opposite side & creatures swarm north... On the borderline soldiers hold a constant line & enemies from Adel swarm in attacking in waves.

Capital City: "Crion [Cry-on]: The city of many fortunes, we're dreams are made and where people are idolized. Crion itself is a vast city with walls on its borders that cut off access to the outside, lying on a high cliff, the city itself is only accessable by going up a large ramp elevator that leads into the wall & connects to a archway. It's said that the monuments & figures outside were created to worship the kings that reigned supreme in Crion or in other words [Deities].

Hostile Threat: "The occasional snakes inhabitit the cliff surface & Scarlet Bears roam throughout the area."

[United Front: The United front refers to the defensive line and encampments in the southern region of Arias, on the frontier, there is constant warfare and destruction, as an ancient & evil has taken over the once nation of “Adel light”. Creatures cross the border of unknown design & siege tanks are heard in the distance as rocks fly down from the skies and armies march on the citadel’s & defenses of the kingdoms.]


East: Jungle & Entangling Forest that swarm into a deeper & darker secret – The jungle holds many temples & fierce wildlife, & rivers rope around through the dense jungle expanse like snakes & lead out into the ocean on the opposite side… [The farther reaches, fall out onto an ocean like expanse, which holds many peaceful & tranquil towns – Such as “Crystallium” the city of ice and water. Being centered around beach terrain & low waterline – This region is commonly known as “Gods Paradise”.

Capital City: "Everglade Thicket": A forest city being connected to tree's - The city itself is connected together by pathway's and elevators that move to each platform, while the city itself goes down below the surface of the earth, it is suspended by platforms & held by roots of the tree's. The only way to get into the city is through designated elevators that lift people into the city above.

Hostile Threat: The jungles hold many poisonous plants and wildlife similar to that of a normal jungle. Wild tigers pray on the week & wary, and birds flock to the high tree's above. It's said that high above on the tree's, lives a wilderness civilization known as the "Wood-Wongo Tribe", that holds the power of earth in there clutches & also hates other humanoids. The ruins and temples that jungle holds is inhabited by pillagers looking for ancient treasure & the wildlife.

On the coastline & the islands lives a different kind of habitat. The beach is inhabited by "Sea-Curgin", a type of crab that has a short temper & a blue shell and turtles that flow into the islands beaches. Multiple variety's of fish swim around the water-area surrounding the islands & the occassional lizardman tribe has be sited on islands, plundering & making warcamps. Also a wild note that has thrown many a magic adventurer into turmoil, is the pirate thats inhabitat the area surrounding the "Arguuramu Islands", as there is said to be a pirate gambling den up in these areas.

Isles of the East: Distant islands are littered over this area that hails for its ship setup & piracy activity.

West: Desert’s that stretch as far as the eye can see and ruins that are buried within the sand. Ancient buildings of a once great empire line the deserts -- & some areas of the desert have oasis’s or small rivers that cross through the desert. Cities of gold rumored to have existed in this area, but they never were spotted, cities known in legend as “Osiris Temperal”… The ancient Forbidden City, where the king’s lived & the worthless suffered. Also caverns exist in the western area, that expand deep into an underground world. The deserts are lined with the bones of creatures and humans that dare traverse its reaches.

Hostile Threat: Skeletal Soldiers & the "Atol Tribe", a tribe of sand-dwellers of muscular and vicious nature, attack humans on sight in the deserts. Pillagers of the Western Nation plague the ruins & attack cities. As for creatures themselves, lizards & scorpions poison unaware travelers & snakes coil up in the sand.


Central: Endless tranquil Plain’s that stretch throughout the area, & forests on the outskirts of the eastern region – The central area is the most peaceful of the others as it holds multiple # of cities & multiple academies that teach magic.

Capital City: "Centrallity City": The central city of the world, this capital follows "Absolute Order" a follow commonly known as "An unpure & just order where everything is justified by reason".

There military elite is called "Unity & Hope" two sections each working dependently, Unity is incharge of the defense & guard of the city while Hope is incharge of the offensive actions taken upon.

Place Of Notes

5 Academy cities reside in the Central region, Aurora being in the center - Nova being toward the West side, Gemini being toward the north, Scion being toward the south & Ocolus being toward the east... Each Academies have multiple roles & traits to them, and diffirent dimensions.

Academy City "Aurora": The central Academy is the most balanced of the Academies & also sometimes the most generous - Students that go to Aurora are typically more generally giften than the others but all of the Academies have there own special core.

Academy City "Nova": The western Academy, resides over aggressive magic & the ability to control the elements, the students of Nova generally learn how to assault & destroy places better & harness that power in there everday life.

Academy City "Gemini": The northern Academy, resides over support magic & the ability to aid & assist others, the students of Nova generally learn how to heal & assist in tasks, including transmitting knowledge across area's.

Academy City: "Scion": The southern Academy, resides over the subjective & stealthy magic's, the abilities to seize & detain enemies & gather info, the students of scion learn to blend in with a crowd, & to use there abilities to their fullest abilities - Often becoming assassins or knowledge brokers.

Academy City: "Oculus": The eastern Academy, resides over defensive magic & the ability to creat walls, buildings & defenses to protect. An eastern student could easilly make a wall to shield them, or practice earthen magic to stop & invoke damage.

Hostile Threat: "Roaming black bears & other wildlife reside in the land, however they are peaceful & only are hostile toward those that enter into there region -- The occasional bandit brigade sets up camps in the woods, but they are typically taken care of in a orderly by the "Central Celestiun"... Also of big note is rogue magicians that failed the Academies -- Many students who fail are expelled & hold a grudge.


Forbidden Catacombs: Ancient cities built by the founders of the world – That were building underground because of an unknown reason… There are 4 in the world, with multiple entrances & exits to each colossal city.