Magics in the world of Arias fall into eight categories, which are known as the "Basic Element's" which include, "Fire, water, Earth, Wind, Energy, Phyiscal, Dark, Light, & Ethereal".... With the exception of ethereal, these all make up the world while Ethereal, focuses on everything inbetween, the power of time & space being one of its control.

Each Ability has an effective weakness or strength, while some also are neutral.

Instance: "If you throw wind onto a fire, it doesnt put that fire out, it just makes it more stronger, or it causes the fire to go out of control."

Instance: "If  a strong blade of wind slices at a boulder, then the boulder's density cant resist it & is instead cut similar to a blade & the skin of a human."

While some ability types can be combined together to create more potent & effect means of magic, which is called "Magic Molding".

Earth & Fire = Volcanic Magic: "Using magma & the other forces of a volcano & the earth to assault its attacks."


Flame magic is hard to control & although having strong power, it can also cause harm to allies as well.

Flame Manifesto Core: "Creates pyromatic flames that act as extentions for the user & conjures up pyromatic flames of bolts [Fireball] & waves [Flame Wave]."

Molten Creation Core: "Infuses earth and fire into one entity to create the fires of volcano's & the strength of the earth." Blue Plasma Core: "Blue Flames burn hotter & more powerful than normal flames, but they have a higher tole, causing the wielder exessive damage if controlled unproperly."


Electra: "She controls the flame's in a positive to show her desire for a world of change, creating passive flames of blue nature, The Blue Plasma core of her being - invokes fires that burn brightly & shine even brighter, the fires of her soul."

Cinder: "His distructive force is superior, as he wages war against himself, training to be better - His power, reflects his desire to improve, for the Molten Core desires a soul of true power & destruction."

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